Tamari Chicken with Eggy-Kale-Rice

This is a super simple meal that’s great for dinner, or cold the next day for lunch. Healthy, speedy and tasty – what more could you want.

Serves four

4 organic, free range chicken breast
1 – 2 cups of brown rice (depending how hungry you are)
3 large handfuls of kale
2/3 eggs
2 cloves of crushed garlic
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
Tbsp of coconut oil/ olive oil
Dash of Tamari (just gluten free soya sauce, but regular will work fine)
1 lemon
Chilli flakes to taste
Bunch of coriander – pick off the leaves and finely slice the stems
Brocoli, if you would like, or any other veg

Cook the rice according to packet instructions (general one cup rice to two cups water). Boil the kale for around eight minutes and leave out to dry of a little on kitchen role (if you can be bothered). Set up a steamer for your broccoli. Cut the chicken into strips. Crack the eggs and beat with a fork.

Heat a frying pan on a medium to high heat and then fry the chicken in a little olive oil/ coconut oil (hardly need any), adding a generous squeeze of lemon and glug of Tamari, season. Steam the broccoli. As the chicken cooks through set a small pan for your seeds on a high heat, and a wok/ large frying pan on a medium heat. To the wok add your oil and briefly fry off the garlic and coriander stems before adding the eggs. Break up with a wooden spoon and just as they look cooked add the kale, rice and coriander. Toast the seeds and sprinkle with chilli flakes. Add a dash of lemon and Tamari to the rice and season with plenty of black pepper.

Plate up, finishing with a sprinkling of the chilli-seeds.


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