Restaurant Bites

Food For Friends, Brighton

If you find yourself in sunny (or rainy) Brighton you must go to this gorgeous little restaurant in the centre of the lanes. Being all veggie it’s also a great vegan spot, but don’t worry if your meat-eating fingers are twitching  – the food is so delicious you won’t notice the lack of a good steak. From carrot, green lentil and almond terrine to basil and chive gnocchi its food is fresh, vibrant and colourful. However, it must be said it’s not necessarily to everyone’s taste. My mother, for example, struggled to find something she liked (although being such a fussy eater I don’t know that this is a fair test), I on the other hand wanted to eat the entire menu!

I ordered a chickpea and hazelnut salad with mirin marinated tofu which was out of this world and some – actually tasty – gluten free bread. It was the perfect lunch to fuel the afternoon hunt for vintage bargains.



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