The Pre-Exam Energy Bowl

This dish is great for that nervous breakfast or lunch before you walk into your fate. Its ingredients are tailored for the brain: salmon for boosting memory, quinoa for a slow release of energy, eggs because someone once told me the brain likes them, and spinach for all its greeny goodness.

Serves one sad teenager

1/3 cup of pre-cooked quinoa
A handful of spinach
A few strips of smoked salmon in pieces.
1 / 2 eggs
Quantities really depend on how hungry you are

Cook the quinoa the day before according to packet instructions. This saves time on the exam day, and makes it a far speedier meal. It tastes best if it’s left out for a little to dry after cooking. Or if it’s too late for this make sure you’ve left an additional twenty minutes too cook it.

Crack you egg(s) into a mug and beat with a fork. Heat some olive oil, butter or coconut oil in a small pan over a medium to low heat and wilt your spinach. When it’s just cooked through move it to the side of the pan and add the eggs. They won’t take long to cook, so give them 45 seconds and then stir them into your spinach. Turn off the heat.

Heat your quinoa briefly in the microwave or in a separate pan.

Finally stir the salmon and quinoa into your eggy spinach. Season with plenty of black pepper, add a squeeze of lemon.

Try to enjoy…



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